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U.S The basis of North Korea’s nuclear program The United States should not interfere with North Korea’s nuclear weapon research and development in any way. North Korea is justified to explore into the nuclear weaponry due to its past experiences. Given the early partnership between the U.S and South Korea on International capital, this ended up hindering the growth and development of this nation. Hence, North Korea as a nation figure that it had a powerful nation for an enemy and just as any other nation went ahead to establish security strategies ( Thiroux, 2009, p.3).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on U.S North Korean relations specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition to this, North Korea until 1991 was a communist country. Thus with the fall of the Berlin wall, this particular nation could not produce enough goods for its own people. Therefore, a good majority of the supplies were imported from the n eighboring countries: from agricultural inputs to manufactured goods. This clearly drained the economy and therefore the just like any other nation that would do anything for its economic survival, so did North Korea through investing in nuclear weaponry (Nikisch, 2002, p. 8) In addition to this, North Korea hasn’t had much to be proud of as a nation. Be it its history or resources. Therefore, the development of the nuclear weaponry does not necessarily mean that they are preparing for war. It is probably the sense of innovation that is driving them. At least with the supply of nuclear gas, the nation has been able to manufacture this weaponry. This has also made the nation very popular as its relations with the United States gets sour day out. Therefore, it is probably going against the rules that the nation can gather enough attention. Therefore, the United States has no business dictating what North Korea should do otherwise there would be no improvements on the already so ur relations. The U.S- North Korean relations The U.S has always wanted to be the only world super power given that it also has some of the most sophisticated weapons. Therefore, this clearly illustrates that it will definitely stand at nothing to foresee that no nation surpasses it. ( Thiroux, 2009, p. 1).They have therefore done this by claiming that North Korea is preparing itself to go to war, which is most certainly not true. However, this powerful nation has been able to brainwash all other nations for support in stopping the development of these weaponry. Some political scholars have also mentioned that North Korea could be preparing itself for the third world war. These are probably the American based scholars who for sure do not understand why North Korea is doing what it is currently doing in terms of technological advancement. Surely, North Korea could be doing this with the sole aim of quenching their thirst for knowledge and innovation. So clearly the United States assu mes that it is the only nation that should to do this worldwide. The human rights concern In addition to this, the United States has that bad habit of poking its nose in matters that does not even concern it. This shows that it is very insecure of losing its position as the global hegemon. Therefore, it has gone ahead to establish spy networks across the world which are normally very expensive to maintain.Advertising Looking for essay on international relations? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore they end up using the taxpayers’ money on very irrelevant issues. This in itself is an abuse of human rights principles because the Americans end up being taxed so highly for very irrelevant missions in these hard economic times (Habib, 2009, p.6). More on matters regarding human rights, North Korea has not done anything so far to signify that it is abusing human rights principles. As a matter of fact, a good n umber of North Koreans have been able to provide for their families through these programs. Science and technology has also become an integral part of the North Korean community. In a couple of decades, the nation will be as far much ahead as China is in economics and this seems to depress the United States so much. Given the quick rise of China from nothing to something the global arena, the U.S just cannot stand any more competition, especially from the East. Future international relations Despite the fact that the United States has made North Korea look like the guilty party, the future international relations between North Korea and other nations seems to be picking up very fast in a positive direction. For example China has been for a while a good source foreign assistance towards North Korea for quite some time now. This has definitely made the U.S lose its mind given that China is an emerging economic super power. The aid from China is furthermore very appealing given that it rarely comes along with some strings attached and in addition to this, the goods are normally very affordable to North Korea. In a nutshell, the United States should accept that the global trends are changing really fast. Instead of focusing on matters that hinders other nation’s growth and development it should channel the resources to the improvement of its so badly damaged economy due the recession. It should be focusing on important issues within its boundaries and let North Korea do what it has to do because clearly there is no sign that it is ready to stop at any given point. References Habib, B.(2009) North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program: The futility of  Denuclearization negotiation. Web.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on U.S North Korean relations specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nikisch, L. ( 2002) North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program. Web. Thiroux, T. Krasema.J. (2009) Theory and Practice (10th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson publishers.

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Immunology HIV Concept Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Immunology HIV Concept Paper - Essay Example There were various things that were discovered in the experiment. The analysis was done on 1752 patients. The result from these patients indicated that more than half did not show CD4 count while a quarter of the patients record did not indicate WHO clinical stage on the first appointment form (Haskew et al. 3). Moreover, the analysis showed that 108 patients were from the IPC program while 1644 were from the VCT services (Haskew et al. 3). There was also additional information from the multivariable analysis. In the analysis, those patient that were found to be HIV positive through VCT services had more than twice chances of presenting to first clinical visit in the Worlds Health Organization(WHO) clinical stages 3 or 4 (Haskew et al. 3). This was as compared to those that were found to be HIV positive in the IPC. At the same time, the affected individuals that were tested through VCT services had more than twice higher odds of presenting to first clinical visit with CD$ of less or equal to 350 cells/ul (Haskew et al. 3). This was as compared to those that were tested positive in IPC. There was also some variation in the mean CD4 count at a first clinical visit. The number of individuals testing positive through VCT was somehow lesser as compared to those that tested positive through IPC. On the other hand, the gender and marriage status played a significant role in determining clinic visit. The male that were divorced or widowed were independently linked to stage 3 or 4 as per visit (Haskew et al. 4).

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Business Strategy British airways Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Business Strategy British airways - Essay Example All over the world, organizations have always sought to reach out to their main goals through developing various tactics through which the envisioned goal can be achieved. Whereas every organization would have a goal, the chances of achieving the goals and the objectives set forth would only be possible where the organization has a well-developed and relevant strategy. The concept of strategy is, therefore, considered as the key pillar to the realization of the dreams and or the vision and the mission of any organization. Basically, strategy can be designed as a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim of an organization or entity. In this paper, greater focus has been given to British Airways (BA) and how the organization’s strategy may have worked for or against the organization in the achidfewmne3nt of its overalls goals and objectives.The vision and the mission of British Airways are indeed pillars to which the organization has worked and provided aviation services for the long-time the airline has existed. The vision of the airline is to become the most preferable airline providing premium quality air travel services to the rest of the world. By this, the organization has set in motion a well cut out picture of what is to be achieved (Ansoff, 1987). In talking about the vision of BA, one has to make a number o f considerations. The first is the fact that the organization is not a monopoly. In this case, there is the consideration that there are many other airlines competing within the markets, many of which offer similar services to consumers. As such, it is the role of the airline to work hard and ensure that it stands out as the best amongst the competition.

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Reificaition Case Essay Example for Free

Reificaition Case Essay Wikipedia defines reification as â€Å"(Lat. res thing + facere to make) n. the turning of something into a thing or object; the error which consists in treating as a thing something which is not one. Hypostatization, treating an abstract entity as if it were concrete, is a case in point†. In Marxist terms, it is the consideration of a human being as a physical object, deprived of subjectivity. According to Marxists, this is one of the pitfalls of the capitalist system because in such a system the laborers and their work are not valued to their proper extent. Their work is treated as a commodity and is valued according to the unpredictable needs of the market. This concept is closely tied to the Marxist idea of commodity fetishism which Wikipedia describes as â€Å"an inauthentic state of social relations, said to arise in complex capitalist market systems, where social relationships are confused with their medium, the commodity.† Marxist writer, Georg Lukà ¡cs, writes thus: The transformation of the commodity relation into a thing of ghostly objectivity cannot there ore content itself with the reduction of all objects for the gratification of human needs to commodities. It stamps its imprint upon the whole consciousness of man; his qualities an abilities are no longer an organic par of his personality, they are things which he can own or dispose of like the various objects of the external world. Simply put, Marxists criticize capitalist systems for stripping the human person of his social nature. He is transformed into a commodity or a product. One’s labor is transformed into money which is in turn used to purchase the products of other people’s labor. Although this may facilitate the exchange of goods, the problem of the system lies in the fact that because of this abstraction, the use-value (the actual usefulness of the object) is oftentimes totally different from its exchange-value (the value of the object in the marketplace). For example, a person who creates a hammer (which has a variety of uses) will be paid less than a person who makes jewelry (an object which has less use than a hammer). The value given to the work of the laborer is incommensurate to the work and effort that he made in order to produce the good. How can reification be avoided? Marxist measures against reification have proven themselves to be ineffective (including complete control over the market and standardization of wages). This is because these measures tend to remove the element of competition from the formula, thus, causing production to suffer instead. An alternative mode by which reification is avoided is through the respect of human rights. According to John Locke, each person has the natural right to life, liberty and estate which must be protected by the government. These rights must ensure that each person shall be given his due. By treating persons as individuals with human rights and dignity, people will be treated as an end and never as a means. The theory of human rights has been upheld and accepted by most of the world and are embodied in international instruments and conventions, most notable is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the field of labor and employment, modern societies have integrated this idea of human dignity by setting minimum standards and conditions to be strictly followed by employers under the pain of appropriate sanctions should they be defied. For example, there could be a law saying that any employee who works beyond eight hours in a single day shall be given additional overtime pay. Another instance would be a law that would lay down a minimum wage based on the living standards and conditions of the locality where the worker belongs. By recognizing the human dignity of every person, reification is completely obliteration because persons are then given the respect they deserve. They are no longer treated as cogs in the machinery of production but are considered partners in the enterprise. By holding that each person deserves to be treated with dignity, they are esteemed as subjects never objects, and will be given their due.       Bibliography Lukà ¡cs, Georg. 1967. History Class Consciousness. Translated by Andy Blunden. Merlin Press. Smith, John, Bob Snider, and Diane Hill. 2005. A study of physics. New York: McGraw Hill. Wikipedia. 2006. Commodity fetishism. Wikipedia. Ashcraft, Richard. 1986. Revolutionary Politics and Lockes Two Treatises of Government. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Wikipedia. 2006. Georg Lukà ¡cs. Wikipedia. Wikipedia. 2006. Human Rights. Wikipedia. Wikipedia. 2006. John Locke. Wikipedia. Wikipedia. 2006. Reification. Wikipedia.

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Buying the Perfect Horse :: Free Essay Writer

Buying the Perfect Horse Last weekend a Mr. Charlie Goodrich called my office. He told me that an old friend of mine, who had given me very high recommendations, had referred him to me. Mr. Goodrich said that he was looking for a horse. He was not sure what exactly he was going to use it for, but he was examining a couple possibilities. Since my job is to help people decide which breed of horse would best suit their plans and lifestyles, I needed to know exactly what it was he wanted to use a horse for. He told me that he owned a very reputable stable, with a variety of expensive breeds, and he was looking to expand his stock. Mr. Goodrich said that he wanted a stallion with a future in racing, and good siring bloodlines. That is what many owners do with retired racehorses. After the horse’s racing career is over they are sent to what is like a retirement home for horses. Here they live out the rest of their lives, breeding and siring many young foals. I explained to him that two of the best horses for racing were the Thoroughbred and the Arabian. My personal favorite is the Arabian, I told him, because of it’s unique beauty and rich heritage. In order to try and find which would be the best for him I researched both breeds and presented him with the results. While both the Thoroughbred and the Arabian are very beautiful, and both are well reputed in the racing world, the Arabian horse is far superior. Its ancient, mysterious origins, and unique beauty make it a very desirable horse. It excels on the track, and produces incredible offspring. The Arabian stallion has also been the subject of many novels, etching its figure into many hearts, and making it even more popular. Origins The term Thoroughbred describes a breed of horse whose ancestry traces back to three foundation sires – the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian, and the Byerly Turk. Named after their respective owners – Thomas Darley, Lord Godolphin, and Captain Robert Byerly – these three stallions were brought to England around the turn of the 17th century and bred to the stronger, but less intelligent, native horse. They were bred to native spring mares – very probably Scottish Galoways – and the resulting foals were the first real thoroughbreds.

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Relative and Radiometric Dating

Two general processes used to figure out the age of rocks is relative dating and radiometric dating. We will compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of both methods. According to Lutgens and Tarbuck, Relative dating is the process in putting events in their proper sequence. Relative dating is based on assumption, not able to give an accurate date but an estimated time period where the rock originated from. A Danish scientist, Nicolaus Steno is accredited for the Law of Superposition. This law basically tells us that each layer of sedimentary rock is younger than the one below it which is depicted in figure 8. in the text. Steno is also accredited for the Principle of Original Horizontality. The principle is shown in figure 8. 4 in the text showing rocks compounding with sediment escalating in height that have not been disturbed by geological disturbances. Another relative dating process is the Principle of Cross-Cutting Relationships. This takes place when faults force them selves through older rocks. This means that the faults or dikes have penetrated layers of sediment that were deposited long before the intrusion. By implementing these theories and processes, we can assume a time period in the Earth’s history where these rocks originate from. However, this is an assumption and not a specific time as shown in figure 8. 10. Radiometric dating is the process of estimating the age of rocks from the decay of radioactive elements inside the rock specimen. This process utilizes radioactive isotopes to date igneous rocks. These radioactive isotopes have a distinctive number of atoms that present themselves unstable. These atoms will inevitably decay through a series of evolutions. We will take Uranium as example. Uranium will ultimately decay into the stable element lead. The father element being the Uranium and the end result creating the daughter element lead. Radioisotope dating is used to date igneous rocks that have cooled from their molten stage. it is assumed that all daughter elements have escaped through the immense heat. Once cooled, no elements will escape based on assumption. In the event that elements do escape, is through radioactive decay. According to Lutgens and Tarbuck, The decay rate that takes place is measured in Half Life. This is the length of time that one half of the remaining atoms to decay. This can be measured in a laboratory by finding the decay rate and counting time backwards to find the age of the rock specimen. Relative dating and radiometric dating have many strengths but also many weaknesses. Relative dating gives a general time frame where the rock exists whereas Radiometric dating has a scientific formula to give a more accurate account on where the rock originated from. However, it is safe to presume that both processes rely on assumption and not strict scientific fact.

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President Putin, Russia s Current President - 1465 Words

national security. This is the first time this has happened, and it is worrying why Vladimir Putin, Russia’s current president, may have made this accusation (Reuters). It is obvious because of this distrust from Russia that relations between the U.S. and Russia are beginning to deteriorate from previously â€Å"improved† standards. Although there were points where Russo-American political relations were lacking, there were also many other aspects of the relationship that saw improvement after the Cold War. In 1972, before the Cold War had officially ended, the first Moscow Summit was held, in which President Nixon met with Premier Brezhnev. At this meeting, several positive topics were discussed, such as: the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty,†¦show more content†¦They first sought to recover from the stockpiling and threat of mutual destruction caused by the Cold War. America then looked to make Russia decent again through improvements in their government, their social institutions, and their economy (Talbott 156). Another aspect of Russo-American relations that showed a fluctuation in tone were the economic states of the U.S. and Russia before and after the Cold War. Before the Cold War had begun, Russian economic standards had already been on a decline due to the damaging effects of Communism in a global market economy. The years caught up to Russian industry and agriculture, reducing the quality of products that were meant to keep an economy afloat (Rady 17). The U.S. was so afraid of a Communist takeover of Europe that they were prepared to go to â€Å"war† over the matter. Because of Eastern Europe s Warsaw Pact to combat NATO, the U.S. denied access to loans and financial support for them, leaving Russia with one less nation to sponge off of (Rady 16). Later, Russia made an attempt to alter their Communist policies to form a Hungarian-inspired form of Communism, called Goulash Communism. Russia’s rate of import increas ed due to the adoption of this system, and eventually peaked in the 1970s (Rady 21). Any Western items that were imported and sold in Russia at this time were considered to be valuable, and sold at higher prices.